China expert Gordon Chang warns China is ‘going to push a President Biden around’ and US must ‘push back’

“Chang added that he was surprised that Di was so frank about the ties between Beijing, Washington and Wall Street in a public lecture that was recorded.”

(Charles Creitz – Fox News) President-elect Joe Biden will be little match for the “incredible arrogance” of the Chinese government, China expert Gordon Chang warned on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” [Watch the video on the site]

“They’re going to push a President Biden around,” Chang told host Tucker Carlson. “They’re going to do things which are dangerous, because we’re going to have to push back….

Under President Trump, the Chinese didn’t try this because they were afraid of him. So what I’m concerned about is the state of mind of China … This is dangerous.

Chang was reacting to video of a Nov. 28 lecture by Renmin University professor Di Dongsheng, in which he bragged that China has been able to “fool the United States” through their ties to political and business leaders. View article →


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