EXPLOSIVE: Texas Asks Supreme Court to Block ‘Unlawful Election Results’ in Swing States

(Tyler O’Neil – PJ Media)Late Monday night, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (R) filed a motion urging the U.S. Supreme Court to block key swing states from certifying “unlawful election results” in the presidential election, instead urging the Court to remand the election results to state legislatures for review. The lawsuit urges the Supreme Court to direct state legislatures to reverse the unlawful actions of election officials by choosing Electoral College electors themselves.

Paxton’s brief on behalf of Texas contests the results in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

“As set forth in the accompanying brief and complaint, the 2020 election suffered from significant and unconstitutional irregularities in the Defendant States,” Paxton argues in the brief, first reported by Breitbart. The Texas brief lists three kinds of violations of federal law: View article →


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