Adulterer Carl Lentz Goes to Rehab for ‘Pastoral Burnout’

(Protestia)  Predictably, the disgraced ex-pastor checked himself into rehab, which is fundamentally easier to do than just repent.

Checking yourself into rehab after a good public shaming is so common that it has become a punchline. It’s the first step toward rebuilding one’s reputation. The imaging is simple; blame mental illness or addiction for your sinful behavior. Then claim recovery. People will subsequently applaud your bravery.

Bam. It’s that simple.

Claiming he was suffering from “pastoral burnout” (celebrity pastoring must be hard), Lentz is now in rebab.

Lentz’s dalliance into celebrity-driven sin solutions has been reported by NewsbreakMy Christian Daily, and JezebelGood Morning America also reported the claim, along with People Magazine.

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Carl Lentz

Hillsong Church

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