‘You Just Need More Faith’ Does not Suffice

“God doesn’t need to prove His existence to an atheist — He’s already done enough of it. But you need to know how to articulate the arguments for the existence of God, Christ’s resurrection, the empty tomb, and other apologetic topics. With that being said, let me explain what apologetics is not very briefly by pointing you to a superb quote.”

(Blake Long – Theology and Life)  Years ago, while I was at a previous church, I was having a discussion with a fellow church member. As we were talking he began to talk about familial issues and how hard it has been on him. It was rough to hear but I appreciated him opening up a little bit to me. This is part of what it means to “do life together.”

However, in the midst of our conversation, he was talking about a family member of his who is an atheist — or at the very least a skeptic. As he continued speaking, he said: “I just told him ‘You need to have more faith.’” That answer concerned me, though I didn’t respond with concern. It wasn’t the right time.

His answer revealed what was a lack of preparedness. He was not ready to “make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you” (1 Peter 3:15). He answered with a common cop-out phrase . . . “You just gotta have more faith!”  View article →


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