China, Spies, And Sexual Harassment: 3 Bombshell Stories The Legacy Media Are Hiding From You

(Ian Haworth – Daily Wire)  In the weeks leading up to November 3rd’s election, one unfortunate truth became abundantly clear: the legacy media are the Democratic party’s propaganda wing. To the Left — and some in the middle — this will sound like lazy conservative hyperbole, where the media is presented as the “enemy of the people,” pushers of “fake news.”

The truth is, however, that the “good old days” of subtle subjectivity or mild bias in the field of journalism are long gone. Instead, the legacy media have ushered in a new age of blatant and shameless narrative control with the expressed goal of achieving partisan political objectives.

For those who disagree, here is a list of stories from this past week alone which — had they received any attention — could be hugely damaging to the Democratic party and ““have been suppressed or even ignored by our supposedly “objective” media elite.  View article →


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