$78.6 Million in Government Guaranteed Loans Given to Televangelists

“Trinity Foundation compiled a spreadsheet [there’s a link in the article on the site] of televangelists, churches, religious broadcasters and parachurch organizations receiving PPP loans, along with notes about various organizations’ spending practices, jet ownership and scandals.”

(Trinity Foundation)  For months, Trinity Foundation has investigated televangelists receiving Paycheck Protection Program forgivable loans. Our findings:

  • At least $78.6 million in loans were given to religious TV networks, independent religious TV stations, TV preachers, and churches/media ministries with national TV programs.  The total would exceed $82 million if we include churches with 24/7 streaming channels in the same class as television.
  • Trinity Broadcasting of Texas received a loan of $3.3 million even though its parent organization may have close to $500 million invested in securities.
  • Word of God Fellowship, better known as Daystar Television Network, purchased a Gulfstream G-V jet days after being approved for a loan, but claim they used money from an old investment to purchase the jet. In October, Daystar sold its older Gulfstream G-IV. Daystar president Marcus Lamb has used the new ministry jet for personal travel such as family vacations while conducting religious events and attending political functions.

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