Billionaire linked to Chinese Communist Party has given extensively to Americans including to Evangelical Christians

The T.H. Chan School of Public Health of Harvard is a leading proponent of lockdowns and identity politics in healthcare. Also, it recently promoted the absurd claim that 2+2=5.

(Capstone Report)  A billionaire linked to the Chinese Communist Party and a sect condemned as heretical by Evangelical Christians has given extensively to influential Evangelical Christians like the Christian Research Institute.

As early as 2009, tax records show the Christian Research Institute (CRI) received a $200,000 grant from the Morningside Foundation. CRI received another grant worth $425,000 in 2010. Morningside Foundation is a charitable organization of Ronnie Chan and his brother Gerald Chan.

Ronnie Chan is a member and leader of the Local Church Movement. A group founded by Witness Lee and confronted by an Open Letter in 2007 from leading Evangelical leaders over aberrant beliefs that contradict orthodox Christianity. The Open Letter was signed by numerous Southern Baptists including Daniel Akin, David Allen, Paige Patterson and Malcolm Yarnell. (Conspicuously absent from the notable signers is Al Mohler.)    View article →


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