If Restaurants Really Spread COVID, This CEO of a Nationwide Chain Would Know. He Says It’s Not Happening.

“Marsden had just shelled out $80,000 to create the outdoor dining space which she was now forced to close. It was the one last way she’d be able to keep her ten-year-old business afloat.”

(Brian Preston – PJ Media) Waffle Houses are little outposts of Americana. They’re near highways and adjacent to hotels and truck stops all over the nation. They’re always open, always welcoming, and they always have bacon. I probably should’ve led with that.

Their CEO, Walter Ehmer, has a solid handle on whether restaurants under his watch, or really under just about any watch, spread COVID. He says they don’t.

Since the science doesn’t match up with how state officials are responding, by closing dining rooms and restricting restaurants, Ehmer told Fox News’ “America’s News HQ” that the American people are just being unnecessarily harmed.

“We have proven, over these nine months, we have zero evidence of any spread being traced back to our restaurants for our people or our customers,” he said. “We’ve traced back all of our infections… and it all traces back to something away from the restaurant.”

“We are disproportionately hurting American people who are wanting to work for no data and no science that ties back to that being a dangerous place,” he added.  View article →


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