Lawmakers Perpetuating Lockdowns by Handing Money to States with ‘Arbitrary and Unscientific’ Rules

The Kentucky Republican further explained the country’s fiscal situation, noting the nation brought in $3.3 trillion last year and spent $6.6 trillion. The deficit was a “record-busting $3.3 trillion,” he said, explaining there is no more coronavirus bailout money…”

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) blasted the $2.3 trillion government spending bill — $900 billion of which is dedicated to coronavirus relief — criticizing Republicans for voting to print money with impunity. He warned Congress is essentially perpetuating lockdowns by handing money to states with leaders implementing rules that are “arbitrary and unscientific.”

Both the House and Senate passed the 6,000-page coronavirus relief and spending bill on Monday, which Paul said makes “modern monetary theory look like child’s play in comparison,” labeling the legislation a “deficits don’t matter disaster.”

“This bill is free money for everyone,” he said, explaining how “free money” is not the answer to the nation’s economic issues:   View article →


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