It’s well past time for Pat Robertson to ‘move on’

“It is at best an embarrassment on par with fellow televangelist Rick Wiles and his meatless burger conspiracy, Paula White’s incoherent babbling, and Kenneth Copeland’s freakish laughing fits. At worst, it’s blasphemy.”

(Peter Heck – Disrn) I admit to always cringing a little bit whenever I see the name Pat Robertson appear in a headline. The 90-year-old televangelist and founder of “The 700 Club” has developed a terrible habit through the years of making brash predictions and inexcusably tying God’s name to them.

In 2007, for instance, Robertson took to the airwaves to tell anyone who would listen that God had told him terrorists were going to strike a major city in the United States that fall and that millions of Americans were going to die. It didn’t happen.

The year before, Robertson said that God revealed to him during his “personal prayer retreat” that the American coastline would suffer a catastrophic tsunami in 2006. It didn’t happen. View article →

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