‘Christian Nationalism’ Is the Left’s Latest Weapon for Excluding 74 Million Americans From the Public Square

“Christian Nationalism” essentially is just another way of saying white evangelicals, who make up about a fourth of the American voting population, are bigots and racists. Another heaping helping of critical race theory, anybody?

(Mark Tapscott – PJ Media)  If it seems that you have been hearing or reading the term “Christian Nationalism,” or one of its obscure variants like “Christian Dominionist,” a lot more often recently, it’s because you have.

Case in point: Former National Review staff writer David French claimed in the December 20 edition of The Dispatch that white evangelicals are being seduced by a virulent kind of “Christian Nationalism” that “will always minimize America’s historic sins and the present legacy (and reality) of American racism.”

Exhibit A for French — whose post was tellingly headlined “Why Do They Hate Us” — was a recent survey from the University of Virginia’s Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture entitled “Democracy for Dark Times.”  View article →


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