Oregon Mayor Leads the Charge to Open Businesses on Jan 1, Despite Lockdowns

They told me they feel like they have a gun to their head,” Pulliam said. “They’re down two days to be able to open or we’re going to lose them forever—or they take this very courageous stance and reopen.”

(Jeff Reynolds – PJ Media)  The mayor of a small town in Oregon has had enough. Stan Pulliam, the Republican mayor of Sandy, Oregon, has heard from business owners. He’s heard from citizens. He’s even heard from the governor. He has asked the question, over and over, where’s the evidence that lockdowns and the related economic devastation has worked to slow the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic?

Pulliam has yet to get any answers. And he’s demanding action.

In an exclusive interview with PJ Media, Pulliam said he’s heard from countless business owners who tell him they can’t last another couple of weeks under Governor Kate Brown’s lockdown orders before closing for good. “The message I got from them,” Pulliam said, “was that they’re between a rock and a hard place.”  View article →


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