When Things Look Bleak…

“When we are tempted to trust in some particular person or political party to provide deliverance and security, we have a vain hope. The God who made heaven, and earth, the sea and all that is in them, is the One who provides deliverance and security for His people. This God has secured a city that has foundations–a lasting city–for His people.”

(Nicholas Batzig – Feeding On Christ)  Like many other Christians, I am deeply concerned about the direction in which our country has been moving and the speed at which it continues to move. The murder of the unborn, the celebration of every form of sexual immorality, the increase in public acts of violence, perpetual discrimination, sex trafficking, and a rise in religious intolerance certainly top the list….

If the outrage and anger we witnessed in 2020 is any indicator of things to come, the future looks bleak. Along with the decay of the moral fabric of our society is the inevitability of opposition to Christ and His church. This rightly leaves believers unsettled in heart and mind. However, so many scramble to get behind a political leader in order to alleviate fears. Conspiracy theories abound to justify in the minds and hearts of the fearful why they should be fighting for a political solution. However, when fears or concerns rise up in our minds and hearts, what does God call us to do? Thankfully, He has given us all that we need in His word. The Psalms alone provide us with enough encouragement to trust in the God who made the heavens and the earth, when everything around us seems bleak. Consider, for instance, Psalm 124. View article →


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