Jackie Hill Perry: White People Only Care about Black Folk in the Womb – Then Comes the Hatred!

Jackie Hill Perry is a spoken word artist, a contributor at The Gospel Coalition, and is on the SBC/PCA speaking circuit. Hill Perry is also a former lesbian who married a man and has children by him. Not long ago she was criticized for lending her support to Bethel Church in Redding, CA.  Even after it was brought to her attention that Bethel Redding holds to heretical Word of Faith teaching and that Bethel is entrenched in the New Apostolic Reformation, a movement whose followers believe they receive direct revelation from God and also promotes unbiblical mysticism, she went on Instagram and offered this excuse:…

One thing I want you all to know about me is that I’m not tribalistic when it comes to ministry. You might see me on platforms with Reformed folk one day and with non-Reformed folk the next day. You might see me laughing it up with the Southern Baptist’s one moment and being churchy with some Cogic saints the next. Why? Because I believe that God’s church is big and multi-faceted and it’s made up of people that are complicated and nuanced.”

Clearly, this professing Christian sorely lacks spiritual discernment. Even worse, we now learn from Protestia that Hill Perry has come out and said that she believes in systemic racism and that white people “hate” and “mistreat” black people. Here’s the story:

(Protestia)  Jackie Hill Perry, fresh from saying that all white people are racists, and that the police should be defunded, took to Twitter again to voice her perception of white folk in light of the Democrats winning the Senate and light-skinned evangelicals bemoaning what this means for the unborn.  View article →


Jackie Hill Perry

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