Bevy Of Famous Christian Apologists Speak Out Against Ravi Zacharias and RZIM

“Though RZIM has hired an independent auditing team to pursue matters further, every indication thus far is that RZIM has no intention of taking it seriously or expanding the scope of the probe.”

(Protestia)  A bevy of Christian apologists and philosophers, led by William Lane Craig, has released a collective statement directed towards Ravi Zacharias International Ministry, (RZIM) urging the embattled ministry to be fully transparent in their investigation of their namesake and emphasizing the need to “openly acknowledge their own complicity” in his abuses.

Ravi Zacharias, you’ll recall, was a world-renowned Christian apologist who passed away last year, with revelations after his death revealing him to be a sexual deviant, molesting women who worked for him at a spa he owned, and using his position to groom vulnerable women into compromising relationships.

The statement, released on William Lane Craig’s Facebook page reads:

Statement concerning RZIM:  View article →

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Ravi Zacharias

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