Tithe money funded Hillsong pastors’ luxury lifestyles

“He would have all church meetings at St. Balmain so he could use the church card for his business, Any time he’d meet with friends, or go out to lunch, so long as they’re talking about church, that’s considered a church expense.” 

(Hanna Frishberg – New York Post) The pastors at scandalized Hillsong Church were anything but humble servants.

As the Australia-based institution continues to come under fire for allegations of “slave labor” and homophobia, ex-congregants and staff are now claiming that pastors used tithe money to help fuel their decadent lifestyles.

At Hillsong NYC, many pastors frequently splurged on fancy restaurant meals, designer clothes and weekly manicures while living in the same Kent Avenue Williamsburg high-rise and zipping around the neighborhood on ATVs, disgusted former members told The Post.

Indeed, it appears once-celebrity-beloved star pastor Carl Lentz — who was canned in November after admitting to cheating on his wife — wasn’t the only one with a fondness for costly kicks and million-dollar real estate.    View article →


Carl Lentz

Hillsong Church

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