Unholy trio: ‘God Calling’ spiritually influenced ‘Jesus Calling’ and Alcoholics Anonymous

“Many Christians are rightfully concerned over A.A.’s “higher power” definition of “God,” where “God” can be anything or everything. This, of course, is A.A.’s 3rd Step. Equal concern should be given to A.A.’s 11th Step–the meditation step.”

(John Lanagan – The Word Like Fire)  Warren B. Smith notes that God Calling is the channeled book that inspired Sarah Young to try and receive her own personal messages from Jesus.” Sarah Young’s Jesus Calling is an immensely popular book, through which a false, contemplative “Christ” continues to spread.

God Calling can be seen as the spiritual parent of Jesus Calling, but God Calling also greatly influenced Alcoholics Anonymous. This began with the Oxford Group, an ecumenical movement of the 1930s. Both A.A.’s co-founders, Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob Smith, attended O.G. meetings, and Alcoholics Anonymous itself came out of the Oxford Group.

The  great preacher H.A. Ironside was very concerned about the Oxford’s Group’s ecumenism–but also about the unholy meditative practices its attendees participated in. According to Ironside:  View article →


Jesus Calling

Alcoholics Anonymous

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