Left in Complete Meltdown Over Conservative Pastors Comparing Kamala Harris to Jezebel

“Here’s where I think [Tom] Buck messed up. In response to Buck’s tweet, leftists, feminists, gays, and liberals all teamed up to denounce Buck. Unfortunately, he took the bait. When he did, this sent him into a spiral of having to defend himself against something he said….”

(Jeff Maples – Reformation Charlotte)  Just to clear the air and bring clarity to the situation, Kamala Harris, who now occupies the United States’ office of Vice President and is the most powerful woman in the world, is, biblically-speaking, a perfect modern-day example of Jezebel….

Now, to clarify, I have no idea what Harris’ sex life is or how many men she’s been with in her life nor do I care. I also am not interested in the color of her skin. But her actions — from a political perspective — place her in the category of a sick and perverse God-hating woman of power, just like Jezebel.   View article →


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