Hillsong Church Hit With $20,000,000 Lawsuit for ‘Immoral Acts’ +Damages

(Protestia)  Hillsong Church is gearing up to meet their financial maker, becoming the defendants in a series of lawsuits over breaches of contract and damages, according to a series of recently filed suits against the scandal-ridden Australian megachurch.

On this side of the pond, Hillsong’s Connecticut plant is being sued by The Wall Street Theater Company. Hillsong rented the theater from them for their weekly Sunday church service at a cost of nearly $6000 a month….

They signed a fresh lease a few months before the pandemic hit, and then when the world went sideways, sought to take advantage of the agreement’s 120-day termination clause.

The theater agreed, but the clause to exit the lease was $100,899.25, which Hillsong refused to pay. Connecticut doesn’t have a pandemic-related moratorium on commercial rent payment that many states do, and so Hillsong would be liable for it. The suit alleges that Hillsong acted in an “immoral way” and also stole electronic equipment from them.  View article →


Hillsong Church

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