Discernment, ‘Evil Suspicions,’ and Beth Moore

“False teaching brought by false teachers is serious! We don’t coddle these people. We don’t give grace to these people. I will give you a recent example of an evil suspicion Paul talks about in the 1 Timothy 6:4 verse. Beth Moore. She is the best at casting evil suspicions. Doing so is yet another nail in the proof coffin that Beth Moore is a false teacher.”

(Elizabeth Prata – The End Times)  Over the last two days I have posted something about Founders Baptist Church in Houston’s Love In Truth conference, where the theme was “Discernment, Faith, and Fidelity to the Truth.”….

I learned so much and enjoyed the quality of the lectures and sermons. The organization posted the videos for free on Youtube. Here is the channel with all the lectures and sermons.

I was especially interested in something Ken Ramey said in his sermon: The Discerning Listener (1 Timothy 1:3–11) | Truth In Love 2021 | Session 3. Paul is saying in 1 Tim 6:4 about a different doctrine and people who do not agree with sound doctrine… View article →


Beth Moore


CRN has a list of professing Christians to mark and avoid (Rom 16:17-18). Scroll down to WARNING

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