Hillsong Church Announces Investigation into Allegations of Spending Like Drunken Sailors

“I am writing to you today because of several stories circulating online alleging a serious abuse of trust — the misuse of church funds by Hillsong Church employees…”

(Protestia)  Hillsong Global Senior Pastor Brian Houston sent a letter to members on Monday promising to look into and investigate claims that pastors at Hillsong Churches in America were engaged in gross financial impropriety with no fiscal oversight.

We reported last week that pastors and leaders were given PEX cards with tens of thousands of dollars on them to spend on their leisure, with no reconciliation accounting needing to be done for how the money was spent.

Purchases include $1100 per night AirBnB, renting $6000/month apartments, unlocked iPhones, ATV’s, weekly manicures, spending $600-700 on single meals, buying wine and booze that costs hundreds of dollars per bottle, and buying designer clothing and gifts for celebrities visiting the church.  View article →


Hillsong Church

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