Max Lucado Compares Holy Spirit to Woman, Calls Him ‘Mother-Heart of God’

Before we get to Reformation Charlotte’s piece on popular pastor Max Lucado, we need to give you fair warning to flee from this man. Lucado’s lack of spiritual discernment is stunning. As you will see, he has given credence to egregious false teachers, which is bad enough, but now he tells his audience that the Holy Spirit is “the mother-heart of God” which not only sounds strikingly like the teachings found in New Age spirituality, it is decidedly unbiblical.

Now to Jeff Maples’ piece over at RC:

Max Lucado, author and pastor who, in recent years, has taken a sharp turn to the left in embracing not only the woke social justice movement but taking a soft stance on homosexuality, has now taken an even sharper turn away from biblical orthodoxy by comparing the Holy Spirit to a mother….

Lucado’s entire sermon was predicated on the notion that the Holy Spirit is feminine.

Last year, Lucado made headlines after endorsing and giving glowing accolades to pro-sodomy Jen Hatmaker and then again after leading an outdoor prayer service asking God to forgive him for his ancestors owning slaves. He also endorsed flaming heretic, Steven Furtick.

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