Reaping the Woke Church We Have Sown

“The culture now has proposed a list of demands that are not presented as options for the church. The world’s project has invaded the church and the message is clear: You will bow down at the altar of our newly defined norms or you will not be welcome anymore as a church in this nation. That’s right around the corner, if not already here.”

(Chris Gordon – The Aquila Report)  The church in America is embarrassed by its own identity. We’ve tried really hard, for a long time, to make ourselves cool, relatable, down to earth, funny, casual, and experts on all the social issues of the day assuming these things will reach people for Jesus….

In the process, we have become our own worst enemy, pandering to the culture for likeability’s sake with little effectiveness in saving people from hell—if we even believe in such a place anymore. We’ve made the salvation of culture greater than the salvation of people, and in the process there’s not much left that looks like historic Christianity in America.

Worse yet, without realizing it, the kind of “Christianity” that we’ve created is being swallowed up by a culture that will only allow its existence on its terms. It’s already happening. Whatever passes for Christianity in the public square today is patently not Christianity, while the masses are taught to assume differently. The only kind of “Christianity” that is forbidden is that which maintains that Christianity has any standard of adherence. Whatever semblance there is left of true Christianity in America has a short shelf life until the culture has accomplished a complete remake of the church into its own confused image.

How did we get here? And, more importantly, how do we preserve what’s left of the Christian faith in America?  View article →


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