The Report is Out! Ravi Zacharias Was Sexting Up Until His Death Plus Decades of Sexual Abuse

“It’s completely abhorrent. With the news that Ravi was still soliciting pictures at least three months before his death at the age of 74, we ought to treat this serial predator as a false teacher who came to devour. In his death and in this discovery, it goes to show how wolfish false teachers can be and how well they can hide, saying the right things while doing the wrong things – singing praises to God and preaching a public gospel while engaging in deviltry in the dark.”

(Protestia) Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM) has released the much-anticipated report investigating allegations of sexual deviancy against the late Christian Apologist Ravi Zacharias, and the results are devastating.

In the 12-page report, investigative firm Miller & Martin PLLC, after months of scouring his computers, cellphones, and bank statements, detail decades of sexual predation and coverup from both the man and his namesake organization the likes of which Christendom has rarely seen, with particular emphasis on the malfeasance he engaged in with massage therapists he hired at the two spas he owned, as well as traveled with him overseas.

In response to the revelation, RZIM, for their part, seems contrite and repentant for the part they played in it. They express deep apologies to his most notable victim, Lori Anne Thompson, for the way their organization did not take her allegations seriously and slandered her in the process, detailing deep institutional failures that made it all possible and promising to make it right, as much as they can.

RZIM outlines how they hired well-known organizations to step in and help them sort out their affairs, including victim-advocate Rachael Denhollander and Guidepost Solutions, which will do a “thorough assessment of the culture of RZIM related to abuse, harassment, whistleblowing, and disclosures.” Only time will tell if RZIM will obfuscate and resort back to their old ways, but so far these are good signs.

As far as highlights from the report, it’s not pretty, but these are the most relevant portions.

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