Hillsong Church Does Satanic Buddhist Dance During Christmas Service

“While the troupe dances, you’ll notice that they have the same hand and finger positioning as the goddess, as depicted in the portraits, statues, and graven images of her. There is also a large lotus featured prominently in the background screen, the same as Kuan Shi Yin.”

(Protestia) A recently unearthed video from Hillsong Sweden shows their 2018 Christmas service extravaganza featured a dance routine on the stage that is traditionally done to honor the Buddhist deity Kuan Shi Yin, incorporating the “dance of a thousand hands” into a service designed to worship Christ.

For reference, Kuan Shi Yin, also known as some variation of Guan Yin, Guan Yim, Kuan Yim, or Kuan Yin, is the Goddess of Compassion, Mercy, and Kindness. According to legend, she vowed to never rest until she saved all unhappy beings. Realizing that she could not do it as she was, the Buddha gave her multiple heads and arms in order to help so many. She is frequently depicted with varying degrees of arms and heads, but always sitting on a lotus flower while wearing a headdress of some kind.  View article →


Hillsong Church


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