Andy Stanley’s New Tirade Against the Church Proves He’s a Demonic Three-Fold Son of Hell

“We can only hope by then that while Northpoint remains closed, most of the congregants come under the conviction of the Holy Spirit and leave to find biblical churches led by pastors who don’t have their smarminess dialed to 10 and their deviltry cranked to 11.”

(Protestia – Op-Ed)  North Point Community Church “impastor” Andy Stanley continued his wretched job of being seen as the elder statesman of evangelicalism, with his new declaration that he was “embarrassed” at how churches were battling governments for the right to have their church service.

Stanley, a true wolf if we ever saw one who is ever-content to juggle the heads of sheep in order to entertain the goats, made the comments during the Exponential’s Future of the Church conference on March 4, where he lamented the “spitting match” between pastors and local health officials. He further declared that the practice of meeting in a church for worship and hearing the preaching of God’s word is just a “model” that can be tweaked or even removed if needed, all in an act of excruciating arrogance that would make even James White’s cheeks flush red in disbelief at the smug pomposity.  View article →


Andy Stanley

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