Media Targets Georgia Cops for Frustrating Attempt to Spin Spa Shootings as Hate Crime

“Some psychopaths don’t have political agendas and haven’t graduated from a graduate seminar. They’re just angry, full of hate, and unstable ticking time bombs. That’s why we have cops and prisons.” 

(Daniel Greenfield – Frontpage Magazine)  Some background.

Asian-Americans have been protesting a wave of violent attacks. Most of those attacks have been carried out by minority or homeless perpetrators. Democrats and the media have frantically tried to blame this on President Trump. Finally, they thought that they hit pay dirt over the spa shootings.

Except that the perpetrator had issues with sexual addiction and it wasn’t a hate crime.

Since the cops rained on their parade, the media launched a bizarre effort to target Georgia sheriff’s officials, accusing them of racism. crn_link url=””]


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