Significant Issues Portend Vigorous Debates At the 2021 PCA General Assembly: Will the PCA have ‘gay Christian’ pastors and other church officers or not?

“What is at stake? Many consider that the disposition of the judicial cases (which concern investigations and actions of Missouri Presbytery re: Johnson and Revoice doctrine) and the fate of the various related overtures will signal the PCA’s future course vis-à-vis the allowability of “gay Christian” or SSA officers and pastors.” 

(Brad Isbel – The Aquila Report)  Tough times are ahead for the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). Most members and indeed many elders are unaware of the looming crisis, but fault lines, more or less visible in the past, may soon become gaping chasms accompanied by a great shaking that cannot be ignored. The issue is simply this: Will the PCA have “gay Christian” pastors and other church officers or not?

The range of opinion and conviction on this issue in the PCA is breathtaking. Some (mostly in the “missional” or city church movement) believe that outreach to homosexual or same sex-attracted (SSA) persons requires or allows the use of terms like “gay Christian” and concepts like Side A and Side B Christians. Perhaps most importantly, many on this side would say that SSA is not sinful in and of itself, that the attraction need not or cannot be repented of.  They would also hold that the Christians with SSA rarely change their orientations. And they say that SSA is “of” sin (the result of the Fall) but not necessarily “a” sin.  View article →



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