Charismatic Prophetess Uses Anointed Staff to ‘Call Forth’ Donald Trump

“This is the fruit of run-of-the-mill charismatic culture. Someone like Kat Kerr isn’t an oddity or an outsider within this group. She’s not a wild-eyed loon, but rather a respected seer and revelatory. She is not a bug, but rather is a feature.”

(Protestia)  In an act reminiscent of Jesus’ calling Lazarus forth from the grave, our favorite pink-haired prophetess Kat Kerr took to Facebook to resurrect another man. Using language that ought to make any Christian extremely uncomfortable and reaching for a bible she calls former President Donald Trump to “come forth” and to take up his destiny, which presumably involves a military coup and taking over from Joe Biden.

She punctuates these words with her anointed staff- an oft used prop that she enjoins on occasion. In fact, one like it was last seen when she tried to control the weather and used it to command hurricane Laura to stop–a move that did not go well. She must have traded it in for an upgrade.

All this, she says, is a message from the Lord and a direct revelation. View article →


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