Richard Dawkins blindsided by The Sexual Spaghetti Monster

“Just as he has done much of his adult life, Dawkins pulled the lever on some of the excesses of religious groups, this times the trans movement, especially its insistence that a man who calls himself a woman is actually a woman, and not a man after all. That’s the guts of it. Or the chromosome of it, as Dawkins might like to put it.”

(Stephen McAlpine)  How intriguing.

Richard Dawkins has just had his Humanist of the Year title withdrawn by the American Humanist Society, because of, well, because of his humanist zeal.

Dawkins was so focused on not getting taken out by the Flying Spaghetti Monster and its zealous worshippers that he was blindsided by the most unbelieving of the unbelievers. Turns out the real problem is not the religious religious types, but the non-religious religious types, like the American Humanist Society, or as I think it will probably become known, The American Humorous Society.  View article →


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