Russell Moore Leaves the ERLC, Jumps Ship to Even More Progressive ‘Christianity Today’

“Christianity Today is the progressive rag known for giving a platform to every weird and liberally insidious bent. They came out swinging against the storming of Capitol Hill by laying the responsibility for the mayhem at the feet of the “white American church” and any leaders who voted for and supported President Trump.”

(Protestia)  Russell Moore, the head of the Ethics and Religious and Liberty Commission (ERLC) who recently took a personal hit when he was torched by the SBC’s Executive Committee for the way he runs his organization, summarized by the phrase, “The direction of the ERLC is a significant source of division and creates a very real challenge to reversing CP [Cooperative Program] decline,” has left the ERLC and joined forces with the paragon of liberal virtue, Christianity Today.

Moore, fresh off the heels of trying to form a “serpent mating knot” (click at your own discretion) will lead a new ‘Public Theology Project’, according to President and CEO Tim Dalrymple, where he will be “devoted to cultivating a forward-looking, joyful, consistent gospel witness.”  View article →


Russell Moore

Progressive Christianity

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