Everything Is Sexualized: LEGO Now Features an LGBTQ+ Set With a Drag Queen

“This effort by LEGO, which is alleged to make them appear more “inclusive,” alienates customers like me, who don’t need to be constantly exposed to corporate virtue signaling.”

(Matt Margolis – PJ Media)  Want to know what’s more painful than stepping on a LEGO brick barefoot? The beloved toy company pandering to the LGBTQ community with a new LGBTQ-themed set. According to various reports, the Billund, Denmark, company, will launch “Everyone Is Awesome” in time for “Pride Month.”

Yeah, that’s coming up again next month.

The rainbow-colored set is based on the “classic” rainbow flag, with blue, white and pink stripes added to symbolize the transgender community and black and brown stripes to represent the diversity of skin tones within the LGBT community.    View article →


LGBTQ+ Agenda

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