Post NAR Traumatic Stress

(Rick Becker – Famine In The Land)  When God delivers people from various forms of deception and apostate movements such as the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) or any other spiritually abusive group, a painful process begins. The transition from living in the clutches of deception, into truth and freedom is a journey fraught with pitfalls. Make no mistake, what people have been through in these movements or by submitting to false teachers is spiritual abuse. Exiting a spiritually abusive church can have severe effects such as PTSD symptoms. Furthermore, although abusive leaders are a false spiritual authority, they represent God to the deceived….

Recovering from any spiritually abusive system will be exacerbated unless this distorted image of God is rectified. This article explores three factors that impact those who leave the system: 1. Characteristics – the cultish characteristics of the NAR or any spiritually abusive system. 2. Consequences – the consequences of leaving the NAR or spiritually abusive churches. 3. Cure – the path to wholeness. Identifying and describing the characteristics will help those who are wondering whether they’re in a “church” that is deceiving or manipulating them. Secondly, they’ll help us understand why the consequences of leaving a manipulative and controlling environment can be severe. Finally, the characteristics  and consequences give us an indication of what is needed on the path to recovery. View article →


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New Apostolic Reformation

What is a cult?

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