Media Pathetically Creates a Biden We All Know Isn’t There

“Imagine this slow-thinking, barely coherent president in charge during a crisis that requires quick decision-making and clear communication. You can bet our enemies are doing just that right now.”

(Steven Kruiser – PJ Media)  My entry into the world of writing about conservative politics more than twenty years ago was prompted by a most righteous indignation about liberal media bias. If a time when that bias wasn’t awful existed, no one alive today is old enough to remember it.

One of Trump’s greatest of the many gifts he gave to the American people is that we no longer have to listen to liberals insisting that the media isn’t biased and that it’s all just a figment of the collective conservative imagination. They were helpless under his power, and he made them parade their awfulness in front of the public every day that he was in office. They knew it too, which is why none of them even feign objectivity anymore.  View article →


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