Systemic Marxism: Biden Admin Allows BLM flags to Fly on Federal Buildings

“Despite the documented actions of BLM protestors during the riots of 2020, and despite the New York Times reporting on their organization’s declining popularity with American voters, our federal  government has nonetheless decided to endorse and promote an organization with admitted Marxist roots as one having ties to our official foreign offices.”

(Kevin Downey Jr – PJ Media)  The war on police has been brutal and now it’s insulting. In a time when a pro-2nd Amendment police captain was fired for supporting constitutional carry legislature, a Virginia police lieutenant was fired for donating to Kyle Rittenhouse’s defense fund, and a DEA agent was fired for being in the capital, (not the capitol), on January 6th, the State Department is giving the thumbs up to fly the BLM flag.

An anonymous source from Biden’s State Dept. leaked a memo that indicates, “diplomatic and consular posts,” are free to fly BLM flags and banners today, May 25th and beyond, in honor of the one-year anniversary of the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. View article →


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