The Church in the 21st Century: The Rise of the New Left

(Lynn & Sarah Leslie – Herescope)  In a chapter titled “The Threat of Silence,” Francis Schaeffer predicted the rise of a New Left, which would exhibit its own brand of Dominionism (he called it totalitarianism) over free speech. We now recognize this as Cancel Culture. Schaeffer was prescient in the following descriptions of the times:

Here we are, then, the historic, Bible-believing Christian minority…. As the New Left and the anarchists come forward, more chaos will result. And as more and more chaos comes, the majority of the Silent Majority will increasingly tend to strike back. To do so, they will increasingly accept the Establishment elite.

Dr. Schaeffer warned the Church to NOT cozy up to the State patriotically because Big State could suddenly turn its fangs on the Church. We have now witnessed this shift with this past year’s shutdowns and mandates. When one part of the Church compromises, it will become a persecutor to the remnant that do not cave in. We are already seeing evidence of this compromise:  View article →

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