Rick Warren, Bad Theology, and the Evangelical Dance with Quid Pro Quo

“But there is another Latin expression you should know. It’s one that you have likely never heard before. But it is an important one: Si igitur hoc, quod. It means, if this, then that.”

(Ed Dingess – Reformation Charlotte) The bedrock philosophy of Evangelical quid pro quo is found in the many different varieties of Pelagian and Arminian theologies. The Latin expression quid pro quo literally means “what for what.” If you do x, I will do y. If you let me borrow your ladder today, I will let you borrow my pressure washer tomorrow.

There is nothing ipso facto wrong with the practice of quid pro quo. Quid pro quo can be moral, or it can be immoral. It all depends on the context of how it is practiced. Politicians practice it all the time, both morally and immorally. If you support my legislation, I will support yours. But what happens when quid pro quo makes its way into religious practice and routines? Why would such a thing ever be employed in Christian life?    View article →


Rich Warren – Purpose Driven/Seeker movement


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