TV Networks Reject Pro-Life Group’s Ad Asserting Humanity Of Unborn: ‘Unacceptable’

Baby at 15 weeks. babycenter screenshot

“Crown Media told the group that they could not accept the ad because it does not meet the Hallmark channel’s criteria for the positive experience Hallmark aims to offer viewers, according to the SBA List.” 


Several television networks have rejected an ad from a pro-life group that asserts the humanity of unborn children, saying the ad is “controversial” and “unacceptable.”CBS, CMT, owned by ViacomCBS, and the Hallmark channel, owned by Crown Media, all rejected the 30-second spot from the Susan B. Anthony (SBA) List, a national pro-life group.

“Five decades of medical breakthroughs. Every age group has more opportunity to live except one. The unborn still fall victim to outdated laws,” the ad’s narrator says as the outline of an unborn baby from a pregnancy sonogram flashes across the screen.  View article →


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