SBC Presidential Hopeful Destroys Russell Moore in Devastating Video

“Moore’s letter is full of nameless accusations, manipulative emoting and suspiciously has not come to light until  over a year after it was written…” -Protestia

“The outlandish nature of the ungodly, unbiblical nature of Russell’s slander against me on this point, is only rivaled by the outrageous nature of pastors over on SBC Twitter.”


(Protestia)  With Dr. Russell Moore’s ‘leaked’ bombshell letter being released and conveniently timed to be of a kick in the teeth of the Southern Baptist Convention President hopeful Pastor Mike Stone, accusing him of turning a blind eye to sex abuse during his time as Executive Committee chair, this scorched earth tactic has paved the way for CRT-enabling final boss Albert Mohler to wrest the denomination away from conservatives and into his progressive possession.

Stone, backed by a sea of raging supporters who are now seeing and saying out loud what we have been for nearly a decade (and getting labeled divisive over it), took to his social media to lay into the departed Russell Moore in an open rebuke of his character and intentions, declaring in a damning indictment…  View article →


Russell Moore

Southern Baptist Convention

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