Priscilla Shirer Attacks the Bible as ‘Hand-me-down Revelation’

We thank God for our pastors and our teachers and our leaders that help us to rightly divide the word of truth but there ought to come a time in your life where you’ve decided, “You know what? I want fresh revelation with my name on it that has come straight from God’s Spirit for my life.”

(Protestia)  From a recently unearthed 2019 clip, Lifeway darling Priscilla Shirer, daughter of Pastor Tony Evans, demonstrates with startling clarity why she is such an objectionably terrible preacher and bible teacher, framing scripture as just “hand-me-down-the-revelation” that is not sufficient.

In the clip below, apologist Chris Rosebrough details why her exegesis is so bad and why she’s just making stuff up on the fly, like some weird theological improv show where this time, the hecklers are the heroes.  View article →


Priscilla Shirer


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