Al Mohler Loses SBC Presidency. Pastor who Lets his Wife Preach is the Victor

(Protestia) In a dark day for Southern Baptists, Pastor Ed Litton has won the SBC presidency, defeating Al Mohler, Mike Stone, and Randy Adams to take the helm of the floundering denomination.

In a stunning upset, the first round of ballots knocked off Mohler, who only received 26.32% of the vote, as well as Adams, who got 4.71%….

It was Mohler’s race to lose, being seen as the heir apparent and elder statesman of the SBC, and he was crushed. This left Stone with 36.48% and 32.38% for Litton, heading into a runoff.

Demonstrating that the conservatives were right to reject Mohler, his contingency broke left and voted for the most progressive candidate in the race, giving Litton the win, 52%-48; vindicating those who have been sounding the clarion call about Mohler for years and those who support them.  View article →


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