A Peculiar Approach to Unity

“The insistence of some to force a place within the PCA for Revoice theology and Critical Race Theory is tearing apart the seams of our unity. There are already denominations which affirm Critical Race Theory and Side B homosexuality. Why would elders seek to change the PCA when they could simply move to a denomination which welcomes those views?”

(Todd Pruitt – Reformation 21)  The National Partnership is gearing up for the PCA’s General Assembly (June 29-July 2). If you are unfamiliar with the National Partnership, it is a confidential, dare I say secretive organization of PCA elders who, to use Bryan Chapell’s word, represents the more “progressive” wing of the PCA. You can read about the National Partnership HERE and HERE.

I was recently forwarded an email being circulated among the members and “representatives” of the National Partnership. Incidentally, it was odd to see the terminology of membership used in this National Partnership email given that some of their members deny that there is any such thing as membership. Indeed, some of those who defend their efforts have routinely stated that all the National Partnership is, is a monthly email. Something tells me that is not an entirely accurate reflection of the facts. View article →



LGBTQ Agenda

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