81,000 Words!? An Analysis of Steven Furtick’s Last 10 Sermons Should End His Career

Stay far away from this deceitful man who rejects God’s word for his own popularity.” 

(Protestia)  An analysis of the 10 hours of ‘Pastor’ Steven Furtick’s sermons has revealed woeful unfaithfulness to the scriptures and a watered-down message of sin and repentance, according to YouTuber Colin Miller.

Using a software program, Miller uploaded nearly 10 hours of audio into an application that could detect and extract all the usages of certain words and phrases from his teaching, enabling him to track his usage and do a word analysis in order to see what sort of things are important, or in this case unimportant to Elevation Church.

I wanted to do a simple experiment to prove whether or not Steven Furtick preaches biblical ideas or simply motivational feel-good words that have no basis in scripture. What I found is that the type of preaching that steven Furtick does is completely foreign to the word he claims to preach from, and believe that I have proven in my research without any hope of refutation that this is the case.  View article →


Steven Furtick

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