Al Mohler’s Response to Pastors Who Plagiarize Their Sermons: ‘One of the Most Despicable Practices I Can Imagine’

(Protestia)  Albert Mohler has come out against pastors who plagiarize their sermons, describing it as “one of the most despicable practices I (can) imagine” and ripping any pastor who attempts to do that. Further, he described them as ‘lazy’ and suggests that if they’re going to pull that stunt, that they ought not to even be considered pastors.

He addressed this on The Briefing, in conversation with the dean of Southern Seminary’s School of Theology, Hershael York.

The word plagiarism is the stuff of lawyers, litigation, courtrooms, and academic seminar rooms, doctoral work, and dissertations and faculty committees. But now, it’s a word that a lot of church members are learning too. Why? Because in this day of instant access to 1000s of sermons over the internet. In the day when so many sermons are available in printed and in audio form in various ways. It turns out that there are a good number of preachers who simply aren’t going into the study and spending hours and hours each week preparing sermons.   View article →


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