Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine shows promise against newly detected variants

(Kayla Rivas – Fox News)  Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine should remain protective against recently detected viral variants, including the Delta variant first identified in India, the company announced Tuesday.

Lab studies using blood samples from eight trial participants who received both doses indicated “minimal impact” on neutralizing power against the Alpha variant first detected in the U.K. and a “modest reduction” by 2.1-fold against the Delta variant, which has been detected in over 85 countries….

Modest reductions were also seen for the Gamma, Kappa and Eta variants at 3.2-fold, 3.3-3.4-fold and 4.2-fold versus the ancestral strain, respectively. Versions of the Beta variant, first detected in South Africa, dealt up to an 8.4-fold reduction, and a variant first found in Angola, A.VOI.V2, lent an 8.0-fold reduction in neutralizing antibody levels, though this strain hasn’t been identified as a variant of interest or concern.  View article →


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