To Eradicate Critical Theories in K-12 Parents Need to Know about the Invisible Layer of Control

“Cognia, the company who decides if your child’s school is up to snuff, has a business model that’s tough to beat: A non-governmental organization supported by government funding. Put another way, Cognia lives off the taxpayers’ teat, but is accountable to no one. Not bad work if you can get it.”

(Stacy Lennox – PJ Media) The battle over curriculum using critical theories in the K-12 classroom is raging nationwide. Legislatures have taken up the issue in some states, either mandating or prohibiting these curriculums….

While state legislatures have broad powers in defining school curriculum, there is a robust debate about whether the laws prohibiting the teaching of these ideas are wise. Videos of contentious school board meetings on the local level are going viral.   View article →


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