Despite Opposition, Anti-white CRT Indoctrination Continues Spreading Like a Virus

Which brings us to our next CRT Hall of Shame example, Manhattan’s posh Spence School, which caters to New York City society girls. It broke a few weeks ago that Spence had shown a graduation-day video to eighth-grade students that, as parent and Hispanic tech exec Gabriela Baron put it in a scathing letter, “openly derides, humiliates and ridicules white women.”

(Selwyn Duke – The New American)  From the schoolroom to the board room to video on Zoom, Anti-whiteness 101/Divide-and-Conquer Theory (a.k.a. Critical Race Theory) has swept across America like an invading horde. In fact, despite spirited opposition from parents and others coast to coast, it continues spreading due to pseudo-elite embrace.

One of the latest examples involves pricey pre-k-to-12 school Columbus Academy in Gahanna, Ohio. After two mothers, Andrea Gross and Amy Gonzalez, created a group called the Pro-Columbus Academy Coalition to combat the anti-white CRT bigotry that had consumed the institution, school officials responded:

They expelled the women’s three daughters.  View article →


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