Ed Litton Is Disqualified From The Pastorate, But Is He Even A Christian?

“By mid-day on that day, Reformation Charlotte’s story hit the national radio airwaves as Todd Starnes and Robert Jeffress offered commentary and denounced Litton’s and Greear’s statements. By the end of the day, the news had lit social media on fire and others, including Pastor Gabe Hughes, had tweeted it out.”

(Jeff Maples – Reformation Charlotte)  On June 15th, the Southern Baptist Convention elected Harry Edward (Ed) Litton Jr., the lead pastor of Redemption Church in Saraland, Alabama, as the president of the nation’s largest non-Catholic denomination….

For many, Ed Litton was just the “moderate” candidate Southern Baptists needed to bring unity in a denomination that is being torn apart by godless ideologies such as Critical Race Theory. For others, like myself, he was the progressive candidate who really didn’t stand a chance behind the other two serious contenders, Al Mohler and Mike Stone.

We were wrong; he did stand a chance. During a run-off election between him and Mike Stone–and relentless attacks on the conservative candidate, Mike Stone from Southern Baptist elites–Litton won the presidency only by a few hundred votes.  View article →


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JD Greear

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