Eric Metaxas Has Completely Lost It

“This false gospel of believing that we can create our own existence through our faith is heretical.”

(Reformation Charlotte)  Eric Metaxas used to be someone who, while not completely devoted to sound doctrine, his version of “mere Christianity” at least fell somewhere between the bounds of orthodoxy–even if grazing the very edge of it. In recent years, however, that can no longer be the case. Like Max Lucado, Metaxas has traded the gospel for politics like Francis Chan, for an extra-biblical experiential high.

Metaxas is well known for his talk show where he discusses a broad range of topics typically around politics in both the culture and the Church. Metaxas holds to a conservative political worldview–and that’s where this author’s common ground with Metaxas ends. View article →


Word of Faith

Watch Out–Apostasy Alert! – naming names

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