NAR ‘Apostle’ Bill Johnson’s Wife’s Cancer Has Returned

In April 2017, while singing “By the Blood,” Beni Johnson’s daughter-in-law, Jenn Johnson, asked members of Bethel Church in Redding CA to pray for a “cancer free zone” during a worship service. Four years later Beni is undergoing chemo. Protestia has the story:

Bethel Church Head Honcho Bill Johnson has announced that his wife and co-pastor of Bethel Church is presently undergoing chemotherapy as a result of 3 large tumors inside her body that were revealed by a CT scan.

Johnson made the announcement during yesterday’s church service, explaining:

Benni and I took the last several weeks, 3-4 weeks off vacation and did one of the things we like doing the most and that’s staying at home – a staycation.

One of the reasons we actually didn’t go anywhere this year is because Beni has been so sick. She’s not been well for a while but especially the last month. We arranged to have a CT scan- they found three very large tumors and so she is undergoing chemo.  The first treatment was this last week.

And we are like everybody else, contending for the breakthrough that’s already been provided, we know that’s true. There’s that weird verse in proverbs that says:” The horse is prepared for the day of battle, the victory belongs to the Lord.” So we’re doing the natural thing knowing that our salvation really is in the hand of the Lord.  View article →



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